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About Speech Recognition Solutions

Speech Recognition Solutions is a family run business founded in 2005 by Jon Wahrenberger. It was originally created to assist users of speech recognition software by providing a source of high quality microphones and other resources. In 2009 the company expanded to include software, training, and support. The company is based in Hanover, New Hampshire. In late December of 2012 Speech Recognition Solutions acquired the assets, including web site, of

Speech Recognition Solutions remains a family owned and managed business and prides itself on personalized care and support, simple access, and a business approach placing customer satisfaction before profit. For more information, see our "business philosophy" below.

Jon Wahrenberger, MD, the founder of Speech Recognition Solutions, is a board certified cardiologist and continues to practice clinical cardiology at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH. From 2007 to 2011 his clinical responsibilities also included a full-day-per-week commitment to medical informatics at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Dr. Wahrenberger currently provides physician over-site to the speech recognition program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. He remains actively involved in managing Speech Recognition Solutions, keeping the company oriented to assisting physician work-flow and maximizing physician productivity.

Our Business Philosophy

Starting a business from the ground up has been an opportunity for us to "do it right". Like everyone, we have been discouraged by the impersonal treatment we have received at other businesses and have built our business around a philosophy aimed at optimizing customer satisfaction ... and letting us sleep well at night.

  • We consider it our responsibility to keep up to date on the latest products and provide our customers with both a broad offering of software and hardware as well as the information necessary to make an informed purchase.
  • In all situations it is our desire to steer you to the right product, even if that product must be purchased elsewhere. We understand that pushing a product which will not meet a customer's needs is a formula for unhappiness for both buyer and seller.
  • We strive to keep prices as low as humanly possible; this doesn't mean you won't be able to find a lower price, but we always hope that the combination of our product, pre- and post-sales support, and return policy will leave you with the best possible overall value.
  • Our sources and methods will never be a secret and we will openly share with our customers and web browsers our methods of construction and sources for any products we make or sell. We will not engage in making secret or"proprietary" changes or modifications to products we sell.
  • We don't believe in "handling fees". Whatever profit we make will be reflected in our purchase price and not padded further in the form of handling fees.
  • We will always put our reputation and integrity before profit.
  • We will bend over backwards to assure that each and every interaction and sale leaves you satisfied.
  • Your privacy is a priority to us and your personal information will never be shared or sold; likewise we will not send you unsolicited emails beyond those needed to complete a purchase and a rare notification about a new product.

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