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Formal Dragon Training

If use of speech recognition software is "mission critical" and you are not getting the results you expect after watching the tutorials included with the software and browsing our various support resources, it may be reasonable to consider some formal one-on-one training. Although such training can happen in person, and we can arrange for this, it is often more practical to set up some personalized on-line training. Either way, we can assist you in making this happen.

Speech Recognition Solutions has partnered with several highly experienced trainers and can facilitate direct contact in order to make such training happen. Keep in mind that successful training requires 2-4 hours and is best followed by a much briefer follow-up session several weeks later. Also keep in mind that formal training is pricey. We don't set the rate and do not profit in any way from your training ... we simply make the referral.

For more information on formal training, please call us at 866-778-0524 or email us at


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